22nd August 2019 

People come to psychotherapy for many reasons

Each of us deserves a happy and satisfying life. However, some of us may find ourselves burdened with a wide range of feelings and emotional difficulties that stop us from being happy and fulfilled, whether this is becoming stuck in recurring patterns of behaviour, feeling easily overwhelmed, struggling with relationships or simply just feeling 'stuck'. We can feel depressed or anxious and we do not know why. Or sometimes a particular time of year or anniversary of a traumatic event can trigger difficult overwhelming feelings.

Here are just some of those reasons ........

  • Feeling panicky or afraid
  • Feeling we have not achieved all that we wish for by this point in our life
  • A recent loss such as a bereavement or relationship breakdown
  • Difficulty in establishing and maintaining relationships
  • Using food as a comfort or struggling with an eating disorder
  • Moving away from familiar surroundings whether that be moving house, leaving home or re-locating to another part of the country
  • Difficulties with sex and sexuality
  • Difficulties with family relationships
  • Problems at work such as bullying or stress